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Nroda Beauty Lash Bundle

Nroda Beauty Lash Bundle

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Our Nroda Lash Prep and Set package includes:

1: The Lash Food enhancing serum for overnight treatment of your lashes to keep them growing, thicker and longer.

Nourish your lashes to look longer, thicker, and stronger with this revolutionary, natural eyelash enhancer boasting a 99.49% natural ingredient rate. Lash Food features beautiful ingredients like lavender water, ginseng root and aloe making it natural, safe and effective. Lash Food is a drug-free alternative that stimulates lash growth results without the irritating side effects of other lash serums. This product is Ecocert certified, dermatologist tested and approved, and vegan.

2: The Nroda Lash Shampoo that cleanses debris and dust build-up accumulated from your busy day. Prevents clogged pores which lead to infection.

Our specially-formulated Nroda Lash Bar Shampoo is safe for lash extensions and was specifically designed for eyelashes and eyelids. This lash cleanser promotes healthy lashes and longer eyelash retention. Brush Included. 

3: Our Nroda deluxe lash wand with a case that you can toss in your bag and fluff your fairy wispies on the go!

Brushing is safe for your natural lashes to stimulate growth. It's also ideal for extensions to keep them from twisting and turning as they grow out.

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