Our passion for eyewear is one of a kind. We believe that if you look like a boss, you'll feel like a boss. 

At Nroda, we’re crazy about style trends, crystals, fine metals, luxury experiences—all components of what makes Nroda so unique.

Imagine if you could count on a pair of shades to elevate your style instantly. Well? We got you! 

While most sunglasses hide you behind dark lenses or big logos, Nroda eyewear shines a light on you!

In Nroda, you’re a fashion insider—confident and dripping in style. Each frame is handcrafted in NYC and worn by thousands of clients and A-list celebs. They, like you, know the value in wearing statement pieces that are high quality, exclusive and that last! 

Get ready to stand out in Nroda!

"When our customer wears NRODA, I hope that they feel like an amplified version of themselves—incredibly empowered and super confident." — Samantha Smikle,
NRODA Founder and Designer


How was Nroda started?

NRODA was officially established in 2012 as Tnemnroda (adornment spelled backwards). In 2018, we rebranded under the name NRODA, which is adorn spelled backwards. The rebranding represented a new refined brand image and also an expansion in product line which intentionally appeals to men as well, making the line officially unisex. Celebrities like Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Angela Simmons, Keke Palmer and Chrisette Michelle are loyal Nroda clients. 

How do you pronounce Nroda?


Why the bee? 

I've used the bee symbol in my designs since 2008 when the line was still just a hobby while I worked as a fashion writer and stylist assistant in NYC at Interview Magazine, Fader and NY Mag. I loved the avant garde, victorian look of the bee and the power it represents in spirituality and nature. I still use it to this day as a major symbol in our designs. 

How are the sunglasses produced?

With meticulous attention to detail, we spend hours on each handcrafted design of high quality materials on our frames and lenses. We strive to make even my most imaginative design wearable. The 24k gold plating and rhodium plating is done locally by our platers in NYC's diamond district. The skeleton frames are produced in factories in Italy and China. The final adorned product is produced in the Nroda Studio in the Bronx, NY by a production team who cuts, files and affixes the components to each pair by hand. 

What inspires Nroda designs? 

NRODA is inspired by a fusion of global cultures: from the vibrant roots of my Jamaican heritage to the ancient art of Egyptian, African and Indian adornment to the rich music and culture of my childhood in the Bronx. As a result, the collections range from edgy statement pieces to bold classics using 24k gold metals, czech crystal and porcelain flower components. The NRODA mission is to create handcrafted adorned eyewear that inspires you to feel confident, stylish and unapologetically individual.