Nroda Eyewear Is Back!

Nroda Eyewear Is Back!

"We're Back" : This was the debut post of the Nroda Eyewear relaunch and rebranding last week.

If you would have asked me three years ago in the height of your fave celebs in Nroda Eyewear, I would have never thought "We're Back" that would have been a catch phrase we'd utter. But life. 

As an entrepreneur, hell, as a human being, it's bound to happen. You'll have highs, lows and curve balls. The thing that kept me hopeful and continuing in the midst of personal life changes like family deaths and moving across the country from my hometown of NYC to HTX was YOU! The love and loyalty of our Nroda family. Nroda Eyewear is something bigger than me that I could never let go. 

So we slowed down to get our bearings, but we never stopped. The foundation that we've coasted on has been the perfect launch pad for this new chapter in the life of Nroda Eyewear. Here are some lessons I've garnered in that era: 

1. You must always keep working 

Work through the depression, failures, and any other low vibrations. There are gems in the valley too. 

2. They're always watching 

Because we kept working, we had thee perfect sunnies for the Renaissance Tour when we were approached by Beyonce's team to design for looks for Mrs. Carter and her dancers! Shop the Other Worldly collection for those looks. 

3. Stay faithful to your dreams 

You have to be your biggest cheerleader. Never stop believing. Nroda Eyewear is a 10 year overnight success. 

4. Strive to abandon your comfort zone

Instead of looking for an assistant at the top of this journey to relaunch, we sought to hire a marketing manager. The best decision ever. Samantha Lane, our marketing manager has challenged so many existing structures in Nroda. This is exciting most time, terrifying others. But it's always an adventure of discovery that I hold as the newest pillar in our values. 

Cheers to fire sunnies and life lessons! 

Yours truly, 

Samantha Smikle 

Owner/designer, Nroda Eyewear 

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