"I just want to travel and teach yoga somewhere like Costa Rica."

Olivia in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. June 2017. She wearing the Black Kitty Sunnies. 

These were Olivia's own words, that I remember like they were yesterday. We were having dinner in her cute studio apartment in the Bronx. She was currently working at a Fortune 500 company that all of you know of very well, as the events manager. 

Working the 9-5, no matter how much of a dream job, just isn't fulfilling once you have dreams of your own independent pursuits. So we'd have talks of what would really make us happy and how we were strategizing toward it. 

About a year and a half later, Olivia had left her job, cashed in her 401k and spent it wisely traveling, supplementing it with her marketing skills to barter services for accommodations and built the site that is now a resource for wanderlusts all over the world,

When she told me in between traveling through different countries that she was getting her yoga certification back home, I knew the importance of words and intention was everything that I held it to be-- truly powerful and real. 


Olivia in Aruba. August 2016. 

"Quitting my 9-5 was scary, but I wouldn't have found success without it. It granted me more time to actively pursue my dreams of travel instead of sitting at a desk wishing for a way out."

When it comes to being firm, kind, fair and fearless Olivia is my advice source. Visit her site for a complete catalog of her travels, tips and resources, like your travel bestie!  

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Olivia on her cross-country road trip: 12 national and state parks, 20 states, and Canada and Mexico. May 2016. 

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