TNEMNRODA TALKS: Stepping Out Of Your Norm

TNEMNRODA TALKS: Stepping Out Of Your Norm

TNEMNRODA squad...we're still sorting out what to call our collective *pulls hair out* We've started a youtube channel that focuses on talks that guide you in adorning, not your sunnies, but your life [in positivity and power].

So far, I've been discussing a lot of the thinking practices that I've adopted to stay grounded in my dreams and the execution of them. The video above dives deeper into a concept that I explore in a previous video of changing your mindset and creating new dreams for yourself.

So while you're daring to dream big dreams for yourself per my second video, take it a step further. Dream beyond your geographical limits.

During my 2 week trip between New Orleans and Houston, I thought: what would I do differently if location was of no hinderance?

See what you come up with for yourself and let me know if you end up moving! ;)

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