The Official Ski Trip Accessory Guide

In a world full of ice and snow, we're bringing the heat! We've compiled a list of Nroda ski trip essentials that you're just not going to want to hit the slopes without! 



Bling, bling and more bling! You can never have too much ice in the mountains. Don't forget to shine bright in our Money $$$$ Hair Crystal and Iconic Vintage Rings to create the perfect accessory for all your ski looks!

Protect your eyes from the snow in style with our N-Goggles 19. The slopes aren't ready for the fashion you're showing up with! I

f you need a bit more flare pack the Jojo sunnies, because they have the color and crystal details you need to make a statement. 

Imagine standing out on your cabin's patio with your crew in your best outfits. Now imagine preparing to toast to the good life in your Raise A Glass sunnies? The perfect look for the perfect setting. 

We have you packed and ready, but we can't let you go without the final touch. You NEED the Prosperity Bee Sunnies to top off all of your lewks. Dress is up or down, but don't take flight without them!

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