Holiday Sunglasses Everyone Will Love

Holiday season is almost here! A time for family, fun food and, of course, fashion. We've created a way for you to stand out without looking stuck up in your sunglasses this year. No more choosing between Shades v. No shades. 

1. Tints 

The key is to show face. Sometimes dark, reflector glasses give the connotation that you don't want to be where you are. Which is great for errands, but no so much family engagements. A color tinted shade is all you need to get by. You can compliment your outfit and satisfy your eyewear addiction all while looking present and lively in front of your family and friends. 

I’ll Be Rich Forever Bee Sunglasses in Rose  SUNNIES + OPTICS Sunglasses Collection- NRODA

2. Peek-a-Boo

Now if you can't resist a good dark sunglass lens, this is for you. You get to fill your dark void, but they sit on your nose so everyone can see you and you can see everything. Grab your unisex PEEPIN' YOU SUNNIES at


3. Crystal Clear

Now who would be bold enough to tell you to take your reading glasses off? I think we've cracked the code for how you can keep your eyewear on at the dinner table ladies and gents. When all fails go crystal clear

Well, Nroda babes there you have it! It looks like the sunglasses aren't staying home after all. May the best fashion killer win!

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