NRODA style inspiration: 90s hip hop and style icons

What do Tupac, Aaliyah, Lisa Bonet and Lil’ Kim all have in common? Well, just think of the image that popped into your minds of them when you read their names—they were probably all in sunglasses. 

All four of these incredible artists and style icons in their own right, leaned on their eyewear to finish and in some cases define their image. Eyewear is the single integral in enhancing your face shape, completing your look and giving you an air of notoriety and privacy all at once.  

The items below were all directly inspired by these icons. 🖤

iconic vintage sunnies, $88 

So Bougee sunnies, $72

Peepin’ You sunnies, $88

Crush On You, $98



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