Nroda Muse: Anya Bazzell

Nroda Muse: Anya Bazzell

This month's Nroda Muse is Anya Bazzell


” Now that I’m a doctor, I think it’s time I (continue to) dress like one.”

– ANYA, @surgeryandthecity


Anya is not your average doctor she loves bold colors, patterns, and prints just as much as she enjoys traveling to developing countries on medical mission trips!

Anya's Nroda Style:
You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

I would be Passion Fruit. When I think about passion fruit, I think of a color scheme that is warm, sultry, and vibrant. Especially during the season of fall, that is absolutely the vibe I am going for.

What three words describe you best?

Resilient, Passionate, & Whitty

What always makes you laugh?

My family members and pretty much anything sparked by dry and sarcastic humor

If you could invite three people to dinner—living, dead, fictional, or real—who would they be?

I would invite my Uncle, Grandmother, and Grandfather. They all passed away quite some time ago and I miss them dearly. Especially with my Uncle passing so young, I wonder what he would have become. I wonder what he would think about me and where I am now. I would love to have conversations with each of them again.

How do you manage being a fashion blogger and a resident physician?

I am extremely intentional about how I manage my time. The adjustment in my schedule has not been easy, but I love both of my career paths and am absolutely passionate about pursuing both.
Even with a 70+ hour work week, I carve out time for what is important to me. Oftentimes, that means pushing all of my blog work to my one day off and preparing my content for the week. I meet with my photographer to shoot my looks, edit my photos, write my blog post, and prepare social media captions during that day.
As a result, I am organized and prepared for the week and do not have to deal with any distractions while I am at work. It’s tricky because I still have to handle all my other life errands on that same day too. However, I think about my dreams and goals for Surgery And The City and consider where I will be years from now if I remain consistent. Those thoughts really do keep me going. For me, it’s all about intention, time management, and following through on each of my passions.

What would you like to be known for?

I want to be known for my efforts to support and bring about more Black physicians. I want to be known for making a significant impact on the sexual and reproductive health of Black women. I want to be known for being genuine, kind, encouraging, and a true helping hand to those around me.


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