Father's Day Gift Guide!

Father's Day Gift Guide!

Nroda eyewear has the perfect gift for all of the dads in your life no matter their style.


Cool dads are remarkable because they have self-confidence, swagger, and drive that doesn't compromise the love they have for their children. We have picked out only the trendiest sunnies for the cool dad in your life. All About The Benjamin sunnies are flashy, fun, fashionable and will definitely make a statement. The Dynasty Bee sunnies are one of the newest to enter the bee sunglasses. Perfect for the cool dad who stays up on the latest trends. The Better Than the Rest sunnies will give your cool dad the right amount of flashiness day or night. 


The workaholic dad spends his days and nights working hard to provide for his family. Just because he's at work doesn't mean that he shouldn't be stylish! These styles will keep him on point for any work occasion. Ice Me Out is the perfect accessory for the company black tie dinner. For the day to day the workaholic dad must have his Iconic Vintage Sunnies- Ovalique, classic chic with a hint of bling. The Nroda Bee Pin is just the right accent for his suits.   


The functional dad is low maintenance and always prepared for any situation. The Cali Chrome Yellow Lens on the Baddies Only sunnies is super functional featuring a night vision effect. The N-Goggle 19 and Speak Volumes Collection will help the functional dad to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by protecting his eyes from hazardous dust and aerosols. The Caribbean Sunset and Everyday Summer sunnies do what sunglasses were created to do. With 100% UVA/UVB Protection they will protect your dads eyes from the suns rays, while keeping him fashionable!

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