Fall 2020 Eyewear Trends You Can't Afford To Miss

We’re in the season of the fashion-obsessed and we want you to FALL-through in style. We've compiled a list of this year’s most raved about sunglasses trends because no look is truly served without those special add-ons!

Small Frames

That's right, slim sunnies are still making it happen. It's true what they say good things do come in small packages. Don't miss this fall staple! Grab your frames from Nroda Eyewear to make a runway statement.



Safety Sunnies

With Covid-19 still being very much so relevant and flu season on the rise, the best thing you can do is protect your eyes in style. Protective goggles, but make it fashion ladies and gents. Who says safety has to be boring?

ONE IN A MILLION in Cali Chrome Yellow  SUNNIES + OPTICS Sunglasses Collection- NRODA

Color Galore

It's all about the color block baby. This season we're defying the stereotype that fall is for neutrals, because who said that? Live life in color and brighten up your wardrobe with a frame that speaks for you. 

All My Stripes Sunglasses  SUNNIES + OPTICS Sunglasses Collection, Tnemnroda man- NRODA

Decor We Adore

"Alexa, play Diamonds by Rihanna." Bejeweled sunglasses are in and here to stay. Even if you're on the go and put the simplest of clothing on all you need are these hater blockers right here to make a statement. 

Dream In Diamonds  Eyewear Sunglasses Collection, Tnemnroda man- NRODA

Take your pick, because every sunny is it! You'll be seeing all of these eyewear styles no matter where you go. So, don't be late or sorry, grab yours now and set the tone. Shop the looks at nroda.com 

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