Crew Love Gift Guide: Which Friend Are You?

In this season of giving, we want you and your crew to give life! Whether you're all about the glitz and glam or committed to the chic and simple look, we have what you need!

The Baller

Money ain't a thing when it comes to this friend. They will always pay the price to have the latest and the hottest each and every time. They want you to know they spent the money too, so expect it to be luxurious, flashy and iced out!

Shop The Baller Collection below:

More Than Enough


I'll Be Rich Forever 

Ice Me Out 

Icy Icy Bracelet

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The Fashionista 

Style comes naturally to this hottie. Give her $50 or $500 and a statement will be made with both. She serves look everyday, no matter the occasion. She's the first one in the room to be complimented. You just can't put a price on true style!

Shop The Fashionista Collection below: 

Matrix Cat Eye

All About The Benjamins

Boss Link Bracelet

Big Time Ring

One In A Million

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The Bold & Daring

Basic is not in her vocabulary. She doesn't know what it is, because in her world it doesn't exist. She doesn't do trends and more than likely she's in something you've never seen before. She's different and unique and it's reflected in everything she wears from her accessories down to her shoes.

Shop The Bold & Daring Collection below: 

All My Stripes

City Of Lights

Tenth Look Sunnies

Speak Volumes

Stinger Sunnies

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The Minimalist

She likes to keep a clean look. She won't be caught in too many patterns or colors at once. She sticks to her own script when it comes to style and fashion. She's not head over heels with glitz and glam, but a crystal or two never hurt her. 

Shop The Minimalist Collection below: 

You See Me

The Sophisticate

The Perfect Aviator 

Nroda Bee Gratitude Journal

Invisi Eternity Ring

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So ladies and gents, who are you in your crew??

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