Black Friday Eyewear Must-Haves: Part 3

We've talked trend, day to night and now we're going to talk statement eyewear! This is the perfect time to get those bold frames you were just too afraid to make a move on at full-price. The sale is the sign, take it! We've listed our favorite unique eyeglass statements that you don't want to miss out on this Black Friday.

Ice Me Out

Cue Kash Doll, because this sunny deserves a theme song! Our adorned frames are sleek, bold and unisex. We know you've been thinking about them, so don't miss snagging them for less this Friday.  

I'll Be Rich Forever

The name speaks for itself. Manifest the life you want with our Nroda classic. Now's the chance to get the color you weren't sure about, but can't stop thinking about. We carry them in Rose, Cali Chrome Yellow, Sky blue and Cherry Red. Pick your flavor or snag them all! 

Cheetah Cheetah

Whoever said prints are seasonal lied! Add color and texture to your wardrobe around the clock. The bolder the better!

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