TNEMNRODA Girl Becoming: Charmsie

TNEMNRODA Girl Becoming: Charmsie

Inspired by Charmsie's bold creativity and free spirit, we're interviewing the style blogger/designer and creative director for our first TNEMNRODA girl Becoming Feature! 

This will be an ongoing series in which we interview TNEMNRODA ambassadors on what their path, hurdles and dreams to becoming who they've become and who they want to be. 


When were you first inspired to delve into your craft? 

I can't remember a time when I wasn't naturally building my skills that transfer to the industry I work in. From a very young age, I took a strong interest in fashion and I would create outfits by cutting things up and recreating new looks. I always took Halloween very seriously-- I remember spending weeks drawing out my costumes. I now see how that passion translates to my DIY transformation videos for my youtube channel.


You've turned your childhood interests into a career! There are tons of children and adults, for that matter, that need to know that is possible. 

As a former sales director, I have a strong passion for marketing so I enjoy collaborating with various brands and like-minded creative's. But I mainly wanted to be happy. Society grooms us to feel like our career is the life goal. For me, it's more like an opportunity for adventure. I have always wanted to just be passionate about what I spend the majority of my life doing. I can truly say that I wake up each day absolutely loving what I do. 


At TNEMNRODA, imagination is everything. Why is it important to dream? 

I went to see a fantasy film with my husband recently, and I remember looking at him and thinking how important it is for our sanity to have some escapism in life. My husband works in healthcare and deals with sick people all the time, and I really think about how that energy can transfer to even the healthiest people. The world can be a harsh place. Having dreams and keeping your imagination alive, is imperative to the soul. When you have a strong sense of imagination, you have an easier time having hope and faith, and you are less likely to ask why and more likely to just believe. I strongly believe in the power of thought and the law of attraction, and it all correlates to the reason I am often so happy.


What are the most difficult times of your position or the industry you are in?  

I think one of the most difficult parts of my career is doing all positions as one person and trying to give equal amounts of attention to all of my business endeavors. Social media has played a big role in establishing me as a brand and an influencer, but it can also be stressful. Social media has such a fast content expiry that's overwhelming when working on projects in the "real world." Sometimes I just have to face reality that I am only one person and I can't always give 110% of my attention to every single business project at the same time. Working unusual hours definitely helps me juggle a bit. 


What keeps you from giving up on everything when it gets crazy? 

I never want to give up on my dreams. I am very strategic and realistic with my goals. I know that things take time and experience, so everything I do, is about gaining the knowledge to take me to the next big thing. Passion keeps me motivated. 


What are the most rewarding moments or achievements in your career?  

Truthfully, my most rewarding moments other than seeing a dream realized, is without a doubt, when women comes up to me and says that I am her "best friend in their head" or her big sister. It brings me so much joy. I have so much compassion for women, and it means the world to me that I have brought inspiration and joy to women around the world. In my travels in the past few years, I have met subscribers in Tulum, Trinidad, Las Vegas, Barbados, Atlanta, Toronto and it still surprises me each time just how far your passion can reach. I also love when I see women recreate my DIY projects, or wear something that I designed. That is by far the most rewarding feeling. 


What does being a TNEMNRODAgirl mean to you?

A TNEMNRODA girl is unapologetically herself. I have zero desire to look like everyone else, dress like everyone else, and act like everyone else. I am my true self on a daily basis and living my passion is my life mission.

Photo provided by Charmsie. Pictured in the TNEMNRODA x Charmsie Frida's Bloom Sunnies. 

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