TNEMNRODA x CHARMSIE: Frida's Bloom Sunnies

TNEMNRODA x CHARMSIE: Frida's Bloom Sunnies

Her name is Charmaine Daudu , 33 (Taurus), but you may know her as Charmsie. She's your favorite vlogger beauty insider and fashion DIYer. And now she's added sunnies designer to her repertoire. Teaming up with TNEMNRODA for our second collaborative sunnies design, we've created the Frida's Bloom Sunnies!

"My inspiration for these sunnies came from one of my biggest creative inspirations, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. I wanted TNEMNRODA to capture her essence in the design because her spirit is so inspiring to me" says Charmsie. 

A mix of Frida Kahlo's floral halo and eclectic Charmsie style with TNEMNRODA whimsy, the oversized acetate ray-ban frame features a gradient tortoise shell to blue design. The adornments are hand molded porcelain, clay and 14k gold plated flowers. 


Photo provided by Charmsie. Pictured in the TNEMNRODA x Charmsie Frida's Bloom Sunnies. 

[See our first collaboration here.]

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